Welcome to the Caramba research group at Uppsala University

Principal Investigator: Kim Kultima, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor .

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Latest publications

Lumbosacral spinal proteomic changes during PAR4-induced persistent bladder pain Ye S, Agalave NM, Ma F, D Mahmood DF, Al-Grety A, Khoonsari PE, Svensson CI, Kultima K, Vera PL.. Neurosci Lett : (2023)

Levels of inflammatory cytokines MCP-1, CCL4, and PD-L1 in CSF differentiate idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus from neurodegenerative diseases Braun M, Boström G, Ingelsson M, Kilander L, Löwenmark M, Nyholm D, Burman J, Niemelä V, Freyhult E, Kultima K, Virhammar J.. Fluids Barriers CNS : (2023)

Correction: Plasma apolipoprotein E levels, isoform composition, and dimer profile in relation to plasma lipids in racially diverse patients with Alzheimers disease and mild cognitive impairment Giannisis A, Al-Grety A, Carlsson H, Howell JC, Hu WT, Kultima K, Nielsen HM.. Alzheimers Res Ther : (2023)

Reference Intervals for Plasma Free Kappa and Lambda Chains and Kappa-Lambda Ratio using PENIA Rollborn N, Kultima K, Larsson A.. Clin Lab : (2023)

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